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Aside from your music, the most important thing that sets you apart from the rest, gets you recognised and remembered is your image. You may already have designed a band logo, a backdrop - maybe even some flyers. But how do you bring it all together? How do you 'connect' it so that it's unmistakenly you?


That's where we can help. Hand-outs at gigs such as business cards are an integral part of your image. You need people to take away something to be able to contact you.  The theme has to be consistent across everything you use as promotional material - posters, flyers, business cards, CD inserts and so on. Once we have agreed a design, we can use it across all your material. It's that simple.


Have you got a tour coming up? Let us design a tour programme for you. It doesn't have to be a tomb like the Rolling Stones would have, but it will be something for the audience to take away and remember you by.


If you're a theatre or dance/drama company, amateur or professional, we can help you too. Business Cards, flyers and posters (or any other publicity material you can think of, such as banners and so on) all say something about you. We can create you a professional image across all your material - something you'll be proud of to say "That's us!".


It may not be as expensive as you first think. Ask us for a quote.


To tie all this in, you'll need some photographs to use in your publicity material. See our 'Music & Gigs' link above to join it all together. We would be privileged to provide a complete service for you.

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